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Introducing our new value-added food products made from our Organic Upcycled Avocados. With our six flavors: Named after the five volcanoes on the Big Island, our ingredients are locally sourced. Organic spices with a flair of unique flavors of Hawaii. Our most popular flavors are our signature brands Pele and Mauna Kea

From mild to fiery hot, we can custom order to fit your specific heat flavor.

Kohala: Mild heat level with Hawaiian chili peppers, herbs and spices from the Kohala region: cilantro, mint, basil, oregano,

Hualalai: Mild heat level with Hawaiian chili peppers, Maui onions, cilantro, coconut, and Hamakua mac nuts, Samoa limes, and cilantro.

Pele - Medium heat level with Hawaiian chili peppers, tangy herbs and spices. Waimea tomatoes, Maui onions, Hawaiian Vinegar Shrubs, cilantro, garlic, mint, chili, curry, and cumin.

Mauna Kea: Hawaiian hot Chili Peppers w Alaea Hawaiian salt, mixed with Samoan limes, garlic cumin, chili, olena, curry, mint, organic mango

Mauna Loa: Hawaiian hot chili peppers, Kamuela tomatoes, cilantro, Maui onions, garlic, tSamoan limes, Alaea Hawaiian salt, Koloa rum

Kilauea- Fiery hot Hawaiian chili peppers, Samoan lime, Maui onions, cilantro, kukui nut, Alaea Hawaiian salt, Kamuela tomatoes, and Kapena tequila

8 oz tubs-$12-15 16 oz tub-$20-25 choose 2 flavors for $20-25/tub

For wholesale pricing, and custom heat preferences, contact us. Fruits are seasonal, subject to availability.

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